ART invests in programmes that develop creative, entrepreneurial practitioners and producers to build their capability and capacity to grow their creative enterprises.

We believe that the growth of entrepreneurship in the arts, creative and cultural sectors is a significant contributor to the development of a vibrant, culturally and economically prosperous city and region. Creative entrepreneurs have the drive to make things happen, to innovate, to create, and to engage with others and affect change. These people matter to the economic and cultural life of every city, region and country.

The ART Programmes aim to grow capability and/or capacity in Auckland’s creative, entrepreneurial arts practitioners and producers in a range of different ways.

A creative entrepreneur is a professional working in the creative sector who is willing to take significant risks and who is exploring or using creative, social and/or cultural innovation(s) in order to generate and / or create products (and services) that derive their unique worth and economic value through their arts based appearance, form or content.

What do we mean by creative entrepreneurs…and why do they matter?

We like Elisabeth Vaneveld’s, ART Venture Programme Director, definition: